Are you violating the ADA?

ADA complaints are a daily occurrence

Recent media coverage has incited more disabled individuals to enforce the ADA.  The ADA allows private citizens to fine businesses which violate the ADA with a reward of $4000 per visit.  In the San Francisco Bay Area alone, dozens of these complaints are filed by individuals each month.  The most prolific filers are:


  • The Center for Disability Access (Potter & Handy)
    • Scott Johnson, 
    • Pamela Koussa, 
    • Graciela Marquez 
  • Frankovich Law
    • Byron Chapman 
  • The Strojnik Firm
    • Theresa Brooke
  • ALLACCESS Law Group (Irakli and Irene Karbelashvili)
    • Rachelle Ridola

Recent News

Certified Access Specialists are here to help

Since violating the ADA can be as simple as having the wrong sign or wrong paint on a parking stall to complicated issues such as the percent slope of a walk way or ramp, the California State Architect has implemented a program devised to help businesses decrypt the codes which are difficult to understand to an average person.  ADA inspectors (Certified Access Specialists) are tested and trained individuals licensed by the state to act as an authority for identifying, removing, and protecting businesses from the threat of ADA violations.

EVCS: Have you recently had an Electric Vehicle Charging Station installed by a company such as Enviro Spark Energy (  This company is improperly installing the charging stations and violating ADA regulations.  Get your charging station inspected by us for a discounted rate, we have informed the company about their thousands of violations which will open up every one of their clients to future ADA lawsuits starting January 1, 2017.  A representative of the company informed us that it is the clients responsibility to correct the ADA violations.  If your EVCS is not in compliance, it is important that you either bring it into compliance or remove it from use immediately.

Services Offered

ADA Inspector LLC offers a variety of services to fit your needs.  We have 10 years experience in thwarting the threat of ADA violations.  Sign up for an inspection today to get started.  

ADA CASp Inspections:

Basic inspection:

  • Site visit and inspection
  • 1 hour consultation
  • CASp Certified Report
  • DAIC Certificate, issued by the State of California


*Larger facilities with multiple units call for wholesale pricing


Services not covered under inspection or subscription package details are billed at $150/hr.

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evcs update

New Regulations on EVCS: Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations (2017)

Enviro Spark Energy ( has been installing EVCS for free at local restaurants and stores with no regard for State and Local ADA requirements.  If you have done business with this company in California between January 1, 2017 and today, according to the company, it is your responsibility to contact a CASp or ADA consultant, per your contractual agreement with that company.  

EVCS Discounted Inspection Rate

We will inspect your EVCS and identify whether the units are incorrectly installed and which violations are present.  We will then recommend to either remove the spaces or find a low cost solution to provide compliance.

This offer is valid only in California.

Why is this important?

Each violation caused by the EVCS non-compliance will cost you a minimum of $4,000, and the cost to repair the violations.  The average settlement for each case will run you $15,000-20,000 if you are caught violating the ADA. 

Don't get caught off guard and save your money by calling ADA Inspector LLC at 408-703-1ADA.